Friday, 21 May 2010

Free online directory for Creative people in the North East of Scotland

Creative Cultures Scotland is an online directory and support charity for Creative individuals and Organiastions in the North East of Scotland.

You can create a free web page featuring as little or as much information as you want! With the ability to populate your page with external content from flickr, youTube, soundCloud or blog feeds, it's easy to set up and you can leave it, safe in the knowledge it'll be updated automatically.

CCS also run networking nights, and are piloting a support service for members to work with Aurelie Bureau to apply for funding.

for more information, please write to Philip Thompson :

to create an online profile with CCS, please visit:

For several years the Scottish Artists Union has sought to ensure that policy-makers \"do not erase the artist\".

In their recent decision to move forward with Sir Ian Wood\'s proposal for the redevelopment of Union Terrace Gardens over that of Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen\'s councillors are guilty of precisely that. Not only have they brazenly defied public opinion and ignored the fact that Peacock\'s scheme had secured planning permission and the majority of its funding, they seem oblivious to the devastating blow they have delivered to the arts in the city and across the North East.

Not only will Aberdeen\'s artists and her people be denied their new arts centre, this move is very likely to spell the end of Peacock too. The organisation\'s importance to the vitality of culture in the North East cannot be over-stated. It is clear that the fight to oppose Wood\'s City Square (pathetic attempts to make it cuddlier by renaming it City Gardens not withstanding) will continue, even after the sad departure of Peacock\'s Campaign Director Elly Rothnie. But the immediate priority for all concerned must now be SAVE PEACOCK.

Scotland\'s artists already have grave concerns for their future in a post-Creative Scotland, commercially minded sector. They will perceive events in Aberdeen as the grimmest possible omen.

Scottish Artists Union
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Saturday, 1 May 2010

VSA 2009 NEOS show in "knit Today" magazine

The VSA Show for NEOS 2009 has been featured in the magazine "Knit Today" - we've uploaded a low resolution version for you to have a quick preview of, if you want to read the article, we'd advise buying the magazine!

Excellent work, and fantastic publicity!