Friday, 10 June 2011

Guide (map) proofing now closed

Thanks to everyone whom checked their guide dots. The guide proofing process is now over.

A common "problem" arose when people searched in the "quicksearch" for their full name. The idea of the quicksearch is just that - to search quickly - meaning you can put in a portion of a text search - even a partial name ("Thomp") will return any name with "Thomp" in it.

We forgot to remind members that there is a "search" menu item - where entrants can be listed in alphabetical order (Search Surname) - or even "Surname ALL" will display every single NEOS 2011 entry...

The catalogue artwork is now being joined at the printers with the guide artwork - ready for printing - keep your eyes peeled for late July - early August for a fat square catalogue representing a lot of artistic and creative people in the North East of Scotland.

Friday, 3 June 2011

NEOS 2011 Guide - ready for proofing

Dear 2011 members...

The NEOS 2011 guide (map) is now ready for proofing - after years of trying to place hundreds of dots, and occasionally getting one or two wrong, we've decided to get you (the members) to help us ensure that the dots are as close to the venue as possible...

so! check out and find your dot (instructions on how to find your NEOS entry number on the page).

Tell your friends about it (if they are involved in NEOS) - just in case they don't get (or read*) the NEOS emails, read the blog, follow us on twitter, visit the NEOS website or are following us on facebook.

The NEOS Team.

* - did you know that on average, only 48% of people getting the NEOS emails read them? - Mailchimp provide some very interesting statistics...