Saturday, 31 August 2013

NEOS 2013 ARTISTS AT THE WALDORF Workshop / Demo Programme

14th - 22nd September 10-5pm

Venue : Aberdeen Waldorf School, Craigton Road, Cults, Aberdeen. AB15 9QD

'Opening Doors to Creativity' is the ethos of NEOS, in 2013 it is our reality!

Click on link below to see our extensive Workshop / Demonstration programme.  Don't forget to book as places will be limited.

Artists at The Waldorf Workshop/Demo Programme

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NEOS Dates for 2013 Announced!

NEOS 2013: 7th - 29th September
Visit for more information

Are you an artist working in the North East of Scotland looking to take the next step?
Do you want to engage with your public, get feedback and demonstrate your skills?
Do you want an entry in a high quality, professional year-round directory, distributed to thousands of outlets and available for free, all year?
Do you wish to meet and network with other artists and be inspired by new work?
Then you should join North East Open Studios!
Our sign up starts on the 1st March and runs until the 31st March. Be sure to kept informed of our news by signing up to our newsletter

As the number of artists, galleries and art centres opening their doors during the traditional nine days of NEOS has grown we have decided to split the region of the North East into three distinct geographical areas taking place over a three week period.  The 'North' section will open 7th - 15th September; 'Central' from 14th - 22nd, and Aberdeen City and South 21st - 29th.  Venues will also have the option to be open throughout the whole 3 week period.  The NEOS catalogue will include a map showing the different areas and will contain three sections for the different weeks with each artist being listed in their geographical area. 

The 2013 NEOS Event will run from Saturday 7th September till Sunday 29th September.

  • - The 3 week event will be split into geographical areas – North, Central and South. Aberdeen City would be included in the South section.
  • - There will be overlapping weekends between weeks to maximise visitor numbers.
  • - The split will be as follows:
  • • North: Sat 7 – Sun 15 Sept
    • Central: Sat 14 – Sun 22 Sept
    • South & City: Sat 21 – Sun 29 Sept
    If you wish to find out more about NEOS 2013 please go to our website: or email us on: