Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Can anyone help these artists?

Photographer Andy Martin is looking for a venue (or a group of artists with whom to share a venue) in the Banff area for NEOS 2011.
Time is running short for making the NEOS registration deadline (5 days left) so if anyone is able to help Andy please contact Suzanne Edge (NEOS secretary) as soon as possible at

Julia Oliver is showing at Inchmarlo Golf Course club house and is looking for artists to join her. There is indoor and outdoor space available. Anyone interested can contact Julia by email

Don't forget that there's a chance to get help with your online applications from Phil and David at the registration event at The Loft (50 Cotton Street) between 12noon and 5pm - details in the blog below. Please shout if you need help in the last few days before the application deadline.

NEOS 2011: 10th - 18th September
Visit for more information

Monday, 4 April 2011

Live sign up / QnA with CCS

NEOS are working closely with Creative Cultures Scotland to bring you an "open day" - at the Loft (50 cotton street) - where David Officer and Philip Thompson will be there from 12 noon to 5pm to answer questions, encourage people to join and participate in Scotland's largest and longest running open studios event.

There will also be a PC there, connected to the internet so people can join up there and then.

So! if you have always want to know more about NEOS, but were afraid to ask, then this is the event for you! If you are coming to use the free "sign up", why not bring a print quality image too (on a removable drive or SD memory card)!

here's a map to the CCS head quarters (50 cotton street)... we look forward to seeing you there!

The NEOS 2011 sign up deadline closes on the 12th of April - so this is a great chance for you to join, with a little bit of help from Phil and Dave.