Tuesday, 27 July 2010

2010 catalogues are here!

We took delivery of the 2010 NEOS directories last week, and released a few into the wild at Tea Cosy Carousel (craft fair), Bridge View and Art Aboyne ... to which 500+ copies were snapped up in a day!

SO! 2010 catalogues are ready for NEOS 2010 participants to pick up from Mill Farm (Susie Hunt's barn). Members will be allocated one box each - but if you need more, please let us know. If you are going to Susie's place, please let her know beforehand.

We are also going to distribute large amounts of directories to key locations on Sunday (1st of August) , and will announce locations shortly. If you would like to help distribute or transport quantities to your local area, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us via info@northeastopenstudios.co.uk

Have a great NEOS 2010! We'll be in touch soon!

NEOS 2010: September 11th - 19th. Visit www.northeastopenstudios.co.uk for more information


  1. If you need a hand with transport/distribution, let me know, only too happy to help

  2. cheers Dod! that's too kind! I'll give you a tinkle soon... where were you hinking you could distro them to? (south of Aberdeen would be Excellent!)

  3. If you need any help with distribution in the area of Banchory (e.g. golf courses, Crathes, hotels, library, Tourist Information Centre etc), let me know!

  4. I can help out with City Centre venues - if that is any help.

  5. thanks guys! superb!
    we're trying to get most of the boxes out of Kemnay (Susie Hunt's place) - into more localised "pick up points" (boxes, not individual catalogues) - so if anyone can head to Mill Farm to get 10+ boxes at a time, that would be a great help.