Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Artist Required for Westhill Library Artwork Project

The new Westhill Library in Aberdeenshire has an indoor wall area that requires a contemporary, engaging and attractive artwork. This artwork is to be made by an experienced artist (or artists) working with pupils and students from the 4 cluster Primary schools and the Academy.

The piece will be displayed in a multi-use space and therefore the artwork(s) should be flexible and/or mobile. The piece(s) should have a local theme and be a focus for unifying the community. It might act as a visual ‘time capsule’ recording present day life in Westhill but might also take inspiration from the history of the area through collaboration with the Skene Heritage Group.
Given that the project is based in a library, it should have a literary content.

A visual artist will work with pupils/students in the identified schools and create a series of drawings. These drawings will be transcribed by the artist and made into finished artworks - for example10 original screenprints. Potentially, pupils from the Academy will assist the artist in making these pieces of work. The artist will render the pieces ready for installing in the space – for example he/she might frame the (A1) screenprints and these will be displayed in the library.

The artist will visit the schools on two occasions, the first will be with a writer/local historian who will introduce the theme to the pupils and will assist them in putting ideas/stories onto paper. The second visit the artist will go alone and develop the artworks. It is envisaged that the artist will engage the pupils in the creation of sketch books (learning logs) which will provide the project with good source material and a useful evaluation tool.
After the first visit pupils/students will be encouraged to photograph Westhill to a theme set by the artists; this will provide additional information for the drawing phase.

Material produced by the pupils will be presented to the library and will form an archive that can be displayed, stored and toured around the participating schools; it is anticipated that there will be a launch of the display in the library at which the artworks and supporting material will be displayed. It is intended that the project will inspire others to create artworks from the local environs and with this in mind the project could be revisited by the schools after the passing of several years to give a fresh take on the project (with new artworks).
The project is to begin as soon as possible with completion expected before the end of June 2011.

A fee of £1,800 is available for this project, based on 2 days work at each of the 5 schools. Another £800 is available for creating and installing the artwork with £500 for materials.


Please send a CV and brief proposal describing how you might approach the project and what artform you envisage working in to:
David Atherton, Arts Education Officer,
Education, Learning and Leisure,
Aberdeenshire Council,
Westburn Road,
AB41 6BL

Or david.atherton@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
Applications should be received by 5pm on Monday 14 February.

NEOS 2011 TBC, please visit www.northeastopenstudios.co.uk for more information

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