Friday, 10 June 2011

Guide (map) proofing now closed

Thanks to everyone whom checked their guide dots. The guide proofing process is now over.

A common "problem" arose when people searched in the "quicksearch" for their full name. The idea of the quicksearch is just that - to search quickly - meaning you can put in a portion of a text search - even a partial name ("Thomp") will return any name with "Thomp" in it.

We forgot to remind members that there is a "search" menu item - where entrants can be listed in alphabetical order (Search Surname) - or even "Surname ALL" will display every single NEOS 2011 entry...

The catalogue artwork is now being joined at the printers with the guide artwork - ready for printing - keep your eyes peeled for late July - early August for a fat square catalogue representing a lot of artistic and creative people in the North East of Scotland.

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