Monday, 12 March 2012

NEOS 2012 Sign Up is....OPEN!

NEOS 2012: 15th - 23rd September
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Well....Sign Up is Open!

Hello from your new committee!

   It’s our happy job to announce that sign up for NEOS 2012 is officially
   OPEN - you have until Saturday 14th April 2012 to complete your entry,
   send your image and payment.
   Heres the link to the sign up page...

   You will notice there’s a few changes and streamlining of the
   application process this year as well as the usual self-proofing.

   This is NEOS’s 9th year and its developed into Scotland’s biggest Open
   Studios event as well as being one of the biggest in the UK!
   We, the new committee wanted to stay true to the original NEOS ethos
   and for this year, focus on our strongest feature – our booklet.  As
   you all know it’s a year-round directory and comprehensive arts
   listing, enabling anyone to pick it up and be able to contact artists
   and galleries all year round.   You will see that we have tightened up
   the application criteria to ensure that this is still the case in

   We have also streamlined our contact information – our one-stop-shop
   for all enquiries is
   Several committee members check this email every day and it really is
   the most efficient way to get in contact with us.

   The new committee have been working hard to get this all on track for
   you and we thought we would let you know a bit about us and be able to
   see the fabulous skills and experience NEOS gets on a voluntary basis
   from its core committee members, first up in this bulletin is our Chair
   - Morag

   NEOS Chairperson – Morag McGee
   Morag is a ceramicist who lectures at both Grays School of Art and
   Banff and Buchan College, she has taught and developed arts activities
   for schools, councils and community groups all around the North East as
   well as developing her own practice.  As well as showing in Galleries
   around the country, Morag is also involved in public arts projects and
   feels she is well placed to take NEOS forward in 2012.  Passionate,
   enthusiastic and organised.  Morag has been picking up all the NEOS
   thread these past few weeks in order to hit the ground running for
   2012.  Her motto…. “Bring it on!”

Happy Sign-Up Folks

The NEOS Committee

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  1. Does anyone know what is happening with the Public Entertainment Licence for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire? Do we all have to apply for one and how much will it cost?