Saturday, 21 February 2009

NEOS'09 Applications now online!

The online application form is now open so please visit and first, create an account (email and password) - you can then log in using these details to create your NEOS'09 entry & contact details.

We have changed how the entry form works this year - there are two simple pages to collate your details - the Directory listing (your venue) & the information NEOS needs to contact you (private - non visible information).

The NEOS'09 entry fee is £97 (£107 for paper application (send an SAE to the address below)) - NEOS are also running a "youth scheme" - if you are aged 24 or younger (born before 22nd September 1987), the entry fee for NEOS'09 is £50

The deadline this year for entries is Friday the 10th of April. This deadline is absolute.

This year, we are printing 25,000 directories, which will be distributed Scotland wide.

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