Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Important information for NEOS Participants within Aberdeen City

  1. Signs on private property (in gardens, on houses, in cars, front gate, own fence) are permitted.

  2. Signs placed on any Road/Traffic Information furniture are considered a grave hazard and are Illegal i.e. Traffic lights, Railings, Pedestrian crossings, Stop/Give Way. If in doubt do not use it.

  3. Each venue will be allowed to display one NEOS sign on each of a maximum of two street lamps – one outside their venue and one at their closest road junction (providing it is not a major junction).

  4. The signs should be attached to the lamp post as high as possible. Preferably 2.4m above ground level. This is to protect pedestrians and facilitate drivers.

  5. Directional arrows written on the signs should be written as large as possible.

  6. The signs can be put up 1-2 days in advance of 11th September and must be removed by 1 day after 19th September.

  7. Signs not removed by the artists will be removed by Aberdeen City Council and the cost of removal will be charged to NEOS/Participants.

  8. The Roads Department will advise their city and community inspectors not to remove NEOS signage if it compliant with the above

  9. Next year the Roads Department will like to discuss with NEOS the positioning of signage several months ahead of the event.
Big thanks to Helen Plumb for dealing with Aberdeen City Council and coming to an agreement. Also thanks to Gary Cameron of ACC for working hard to promote NEOS within the council too.

NEOS 2010: September 11th - 19th. Visit for more information

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