Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Aberdeenshire Yellow Sign Placement

It’s just about time to put up your yellow signs. Please can you just take a couple of minutes to read the do’s and don’ts below.

Please put your sign up just before NEOS starts (no earlier than Friday 10th) and take them down on the last day (Sunday 19th).

Please do not attach them to any Council owned street furniture, on any trunk road (ie A96, A90 etc) and near any junction.

Aberdeenshire Council have provided us with a pamphlet “Guidelines on Unauthorised Signs” (which can be downloaded here). Please adhere to the section “Guidelines for Authorised Signs in Community Events”.

remember, if you need yellow signs, and can't get hold of "official" corrugated plastic ones - you can always download the template and print it on yellow paper and laminate them. The poster can be found here : Blank NEOS Poster


NEOS 2010: September 11th - 19th. Visit for more information

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