Monday, 7 March 2011

Are You Ready?

The on-line application for NEOS 2011 is now LIVE!

Please visit and follow all the instructions there!

We are ready ... are you? 10 Top Tips for making your entry!
  1. Think about the benefits of having your own entry, even when holding a group Open Studios. This will help make you accessible all year to potential clients/audience.
  2. Do read the newsletters .. there will be important NEOS information in them!
  3. Really think about your image .. and how it best sells YOU!
  4. Please make sure your image is named IDENTICALLY to your entry name, when you send it to us.
  5. Practice your wording and think about how best it raises your profile.
  6. Very important! YOU are responsible for YOUR entry. Get a friend to proof read your entry.
  7. Think about how people will find you from your directions, why not do a dummy run yourself?
  8. Send your payment promptly please, made payable to North East Open Studios.
  9. On the reverse of your cheque please write your entry name IDENTICALLY to your entry.
  10. Proof read the map when we send it out for proof reading!
We have changed the index page on the NEOS website .. so you can keep an eye on what is happening at a glance .. why not bookmark it and then you can find the page instantly & make your searching a bit more easy!
If you have any questions, need to find a venue or any news you would like to share do check out the committee and get in touch!

Please don't forget to keep checking the web site , the news page, the NEOS Blog, our Facebook page as well as twitter too!

the deadline for Entries is the 12th of April 2011 - tell your friends! spread the word!

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