Friday, 26 August 2011

South Aberdeenshire Abstracts at Aberdeen Arts Centre

Art Show on the Path to Abstraction launches on Thursday evening, 1st September, 6 - 8pm and is open daily from 2nd - 26th September at Aberdeen Arts Centre, 33 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 5AA.

Ground-breaking work is the aim of an inspired collective of artists based in North East Scotland, and their new exhibition at Aberdeen Arts Centre will be their best yet. South Aberdeenshire Abstracts, SABAB, has invited some experienced friends from the art world to select their paintings to make a fine display for their latest show entitled Path to Abstraction.
It will run from 2nd September to 26th, including this year’s North East Open Studios (NEOS) - no. 244 in the free brochure that’s out now.

SABAB members Angela Arnold‚ Michi Clark‚ Gay Halley‚ Pam Hamilton‚ Janice Headrick‚ Julia Macaulay‚ Kate MacKenzie‚ Pauline Newman‚ Jacky Niven‚ Gregor Phillips and Bern Ross, are all keen artists who work independently and join together to put on abstract exhibitions whenever possible. They find the support and friendship within the group very helpful and one of their discussion meetings triggered the title for the show: Path to Abstraction.

NEOS 2011: 10th - 18th September
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