Monday, 14 September 2009

phil blog: NEOS week day3

Gabi and I have a semi day off (Meetings in the morning), but we are in Aberdeen, and head to the Itchee Wasp show in the Academy Centre. It's a fantastic looking show, with work from Whitespace (Arts Development Tutors). I particularly like Craig Barrowman's work, his odd crystal / mathematical forms are intriguing. The show looks stunning on the whole, held in the old FCUK shop – it’s a fantastic example of how art can transform a space in times of recession, the more these art spaces open, the more the public are “educated” to be confident to approach and experience art. The Ethos of NEOS basically!

Gabi cycled to Mill Farm from Inverurie, as I stayed at home and worked, whilst Poppy slept… once awake, I head over with Poppy to Mill farm for around 4.30pm. Gabi has had a good afternoon, “slow but steady” (around 30-40 visitors today). As the day comes to a close, we hear some sad news that Jen Beattie has had a stroke, we are thinking about you Jen! We all end up in Susie’s studio and talk about the amazing scope of the arts scene up here, and how NEOS is the tip of the iceberg, just think how many artists makers and galleries there are “up here”… it’s quite exciting to think about how vibrant and productive the North East of Scotland’s practitioners are.

Ann Thomas also contributes to our Typeface A Week project with “NEOS Lino” – free to download and use for one week.

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