Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Phil Blog NEOS day 5

We were "off" yesterday - so no post for day 3 I'm afraid. We did hear some fantastic reports from some other venues, notably from a friend who had visited Johnshaven and thought their collective spirit was fantastic. A local “map” has been produced, where all the local venues have got together to promote EACHOTHER - they have even produced a marker system that when visitors get a stamp from all Johnshaven venues, you are entered into a prize draw…brilliant! “bunnets aff” to the guys.

We had a quiet day yesterday, with a quick visit to Mill farm, only to be told that there were around 60 people visit over the 4 hours of Tuesday.

Today Gabi is in Aberdeen for a meeting – so Lynne Strachan Picks me & poppy up to head to mill farm fro 12.15 We sadly missed Alan (Typeface man)… so I still can’t report his last name! (or more to the point, what he wants to do to help us with Typeface a week!)…

I set up the PC and start working on a wee website I’ve been asked to do – I think people are frightened by the man on the PC in the corner…it’s no paintin’ captain! Perhaps I look too studious to be approachable he he. I did also get a rather abruptly honest visitor telling my the price of my slate work was “uncivilised”, I think this is what NEOS is for… to present situations to practitioners to react to… it’s always good to see how to react to a crass statement now and again!

We have a steady amount of visitors again today, 70+ by the end of play!… Madge Wards came for a visit, it’s always good to see her cheery, positive face – and her numbers are up around the 70’s (she had 101 visitors last year – “I’m here by myself, in the middle of nowhere, and I am so happy people are coming to see me!”- what a trooper.

We also get word from the Skinny Magazine – Jaco Justice has written a beautiful wee piece on NEOS – it’s well worth reading.
NEOS 2009: September 12th - 21st. Visit for more informatio


  1. The spirit of NEOS surfaces in strange corners. I had a couple of Jehovah Witnesses at the door before my opening hours, they loved a painting that was near the door so I invited them in . . . Who knows, they might be back to buy later!

  2. Happened to be in Johnshaven during the days of NEOS. I have not seen so much "traffic" of people there before! And who knew there are so many artists living around you! The village looked like a treasure hunt site - posts all around pointing to the galleries, people roaming around with maps in their hands(thankfully the weather really cooperated). It was a great way to see the community work together and enjoying it :)