Sunday, 13 September 2009

phil blog: NEOS week day2

Ah! the weather! Did I mention that yesterday was an amazing, clear, crisp September day? Today? Dreich! - Never mind, we'll see how it goes...

Gabi and I arrive at Mill Farm, just after 10am and there are already people checking out the work on the walls, barely time to get a coffee in! Magnhild is on waffle duty, boy oh boy are those Norwegian waffles tasty! - NEOS, it's not just about selling work you know! We (the participants) are having a great time talking to each other about our work and "things on", we're really happy about the networking and social aspect the focused week NEOS gives us as artists.

The numbers of visitors are immense today, final count was 232 visitors! (so the weather doesn't put people off!) - We'd heard that someone was planning a family walk, but decided against it, but started following the yellow NEOS signs!

We'd also spoken to lots of people today that had never heard of NEOS before, so it does appear that the word is spreading! We've all agreed that everyone showing at Mill Farm this year has tried to tell more people about NEOS (and our venue)... We also had a fantastic visit from the Knock News
NEOS 2009: September 12th - 21st. Visit for more information

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