Monday, 21 September 2009

phil blog: NEOS week day10

Firstly, apologies for the "off the radar" blogging (or not, as the case IS). We've been so busy over the last 10 days I've taken to "chillin'" at night - and refusing to switch on the PC when I get home.

Our NEOS week at mill farm has been amazing - we welcomed our 1000th visitor at 2pm on Sunday 20th... closing the day with 1132 visitors. We've had a wonderful array of people coming in and talking about their NEOS experiences, how many shows they've seen, how wonderful it is to see so many (and so varied) artists, makers and galleries in the North East of Scotland.

We've been visited by many first timers to NEOS - which is brilliant to see that more people are hearing about it - after 6 years, it's grown in strength to strength and still growing. NEOS spreads by word of mouth and the network of artists involved promoting and raising awareness - so thank you to everyone who has helped raise awareness and make this NEOS a wonderful platform to promote everyone involved.

The public have also fed back their gratitude to the quality and welcoming nature of the NEOS venues. It's thrilling to know that "the public" are now seeing that the North East of Scotland has so many professional and engaging arts practitioners.

At the end of play today, we'll have had approximately 1200+ visitors over 10 days. We hope that you all have had a wonderful NEOS experience for 2009. Here's to next year!

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