Tuesday, 22 September 2009

NEOS'09 is over!

Thank you to everyone who participated and came to see all the amazing work on show for NEOS 2009.

We'd like to remind everyone that the NEOS booklets are a year round directory - and not "just" an advert for a 10 day event in September! - So keep any spare booklets you have for future use during 2009/10, and keep telling people about it!

We've heard of several stories of people getting commissions from the booklet entry already (out with the NEOS event), so they are an essential tool to communicate with the art going public in the North East of Scotland!

We'll be sending out digital feedback forms this week - we'd love to hear of all you comments, positive or negative, as we want to make NEOS better each year - for entrants and public alike.

Thanks again, we hope you had as much fun, and interesting visitors as we did (At Mill Farm, Kemnay).


  1. It's not over for me. because I could only open the first weekend, Venue 132 - Morning Glass Designs will be open again on Thursday 24th September!

    Think of it as the start of the NEOS Fringe!

  2. NEOS is never over...seeing as it's a year round directory!